The 21st century has seen the weaponisation of information on an unprecedented scale. New technology makes the manipulation and fabrication of content very easy, and social networks dramatically amplify falsehoods promoted by States, politicians, and dishonest corporations, as they are shared by uncritical publics.
Disinformation is intentional, is false or erroneous information being spread on purpose to hurt or damage a government, organisation or public figure.
We believe that the main tool against disinformation is knowledge. Our primary objective in countering disinformation is to give confidence in information, offering insights into the workings of disinformation, so people are equipped to make informed decisions.
InPlainSight provides a consistent and effective approach to identifying and tackling a range of different types of disinformation that the public may experience.
We want to shine a light and unmask false information. So you can see it for what it is. Disinformation in plain sight.
2021 Javier Lopez