InPlainSight. Project in collaboration with Pedro Destefani.

The project was born when thinking about how we consume information. The statistics are very clear on how younger people never go to traditional media sites and instead get all their news from social media and how misinformation is being shared on such platforms.

Currently, all these platforms are trying to find ways of stopping misinformation in different ways but ultimately all the alerts are in written text, so it's easy to misinterpret or even ignore those claims. As designers, we think that by creating a bold visual system we can make that misinformation more obvious.

Looking at all the disinformation techniques and categorising them into 5 categories we developed a browser that would react changing shape when showing any content misinforming.

We also created InPlainSight’s visual identity, website, and a printed publication and exhibition exploring the history and techniques of disinformation.

The project was awarded a Bronze Laus at The ADG Laus Awards for Graphic Design and Visual Communication organised by ADG-FAD, Art Directors and Graphic Designers' Association.