Fedrigoni 365 is a calendar designed by TM Studio for Fedrigoni UK. Each year UK based studios and individuals are selected to contribute, each participant interprets a date provided at random.

Fedrigoni 365/2021 is printed on Ricoh digital five colour Pro C7200X machine, allowing each book to be entirely unique from cover to cover. It is printed using neon and CYMK inks onto a range of papers from the Fedrigoni digital collection.
Each book contains a unique collection of 365 designs, randomly collated from the hundreds of contributions.

For the 365/2021 edition I was given the number 17 and the seed word was ‘Tilt’.

The book can be purchased from Counter Print.

For the 2020 edition of the calendar I was given the 20th of May as my date.

I took inspiration on the kinetoscope, an early motion picture exhibition device that was first public displayed on that day in 1891. My number is inspired by the illusion of creating movement using sequential images.

For the launch of the book, an exhibition with all the artworks took place at Protein Studios in London.